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He can't "Everything is my fault I'll take all the blame" Again, this is very direct, and means exactly what it seems. He is using the word gay--literally. Cobain had a gay best friend, his only male friend during his childhood and his homophobic mother took that away. All Apologies is found on the album All Apologies. There was an error. I don't know why the word gay makes you so angry, I hope all is better with you in the end. So, with both considered, he is always under scrutiny in his marriage, always having to sweat it out.

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As if he's giving up hope on humanity.

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Rate These Lyrics. The line "everyone is gay" can have at least 3 meanings, as was pointed out above: Project Zero. TV Flag tvsinesperanto on October 06,

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Despite him being a part of American rock, he couldn't understand why a lot of Aerosmith and Led Zepelin had them talking about their dicks and "bitch" and sexism Dont get me wrong, im a woman and I love them, it was just the norm of the era.

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