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I looked around for some store to go into when I seen a sign that said Men's Room. The man said "Stick it though and I will suck it" Woo!! My first thought was what a weirdo I did not have a clue what He was doing. I was passed half way down the row of toilet stalls when one finally opened door number I could feel it throbbing.

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The guy outside the door almost yelling at me now said "Now stick hole Boy" He wasn't the easiest to understand but I knew what He meant.

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I jumped forward and stuck my dick all the way through the hole in the wall. The guy said again "Take it easy" then said "You ain't going anywhere with that guy in front of your door" I thought right away "Oh Shit"!! Another thing you have to remember Gay Sex was Not talked about back in the 60's. So I rationalized by thinking if I can't get out of the stall without showing them my dick then I better show them my dick. Then I thought I seen sometime moving out of the corner of my eye so I took a look There was a big round hole in the side wall of the toilet stall about 3 feet high off the floor. Allow us to process your personal data? I then thought I heard the man say some thing.

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Flavor of Doctor Derek's first romp in the world of a "Connoisseur of Fucks" Allow us to process your personal data? My brain was saying get out of there my hormones were saying show them your dick. I knew little about sex and absolutely nothing about gay sex. Yes, A Teenager with a big cock.

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