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There are various outcomes that cannot be measured in humans such as organ weight and histology. Genistein, which is considered the most abundant soy isoflavone found in SBIF [ 14 ] has been the focus of investigation and is often administered in isolation. From a practical standpoint, prospective studies in particular, as discussed above, are costly and require long-term funding. Apr 9, Posts: Soy Doesn't Make Men Gay. Species Related Differences Rats, mice, marmosets and piglets have been used in animal studies and it is known that there are some species related differences in absorption and metabolism of soy isoflavones [ 18 ]. There are phytoestrogens in a lot of our foods, not just soy.

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My MIL says the same thing as your relative about soy, so you're in good company.

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Unlike soy milk, it's perfectly safe because it's fermented, which changes its molecular structure. A panel of experts reviewed and evaluated the quality and strength of available scientific data regarding early exposure to SBIF or its isoflavones and how it may impact human development [ 26 ]. Compared to adults consuming a soy rich diet, which could contain approximately 0. Nov 29, Posts: You'd do her a favor by editing her hosts file to lose it.

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The biological effects of soy isoflavone exposure as a result of SBIF consumption are controversial and inconclusive. When first gaining prominence in America, with a most recent resurgence at the turn of the century as a healthy alternative to full fat red meat, soy was billed as a dietary wonder that could do mostly anything from cut certain cancer risks, prevent osteoporosis and even stop aging in its tracks. Environmental contaminants and endocrine disruptors. Increased incidence of multioocyte follicles in the ovaries Delayed vaginal openingAltered estrous cycling Decreased fertility Delayed parturition To develop a mouse model that more closely mimics the oral genistein exposure and total serum genistein concentrations. If there are no nut allergies almond milk may be another option.

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