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These people are still labeled as "heterosexual" even though no such activity is taking place in their marriages. This belief had cost him years of his life lived in a way that did not satisfy him. Such clients often are in committed relationships with their wives, are fathers, and are members of a religion that labels same-sex attraction, especially if acted upon, as sin. It is truly sad. All I'm saying is that the APA doesn't say that. I was suffering from extreme gender insecurity and a serious case of unmet needs for male love, affirmation, affection and approval in the formative years.

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They are then also faced with some of the same dilemmas about how to deal with their unfulfilled desires.

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I do believe that if religion apologizes--or when they do--there won't be any homosexuals who don't want to be gay. I warn them that if they choose to stay in the closet and get married, over time their sexual orientation will continue evolving and the coming-out process will move to the acceptance stage, making it more of a struggle to keep a heterosexual life going. And, these men are very happy in their authenticity.

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For example, gay men in the Mormon faith are in moral conflict.

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