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Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from June All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction. Full Cast and Crew. A Pimp Named Slickback voice Sway From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In order to be like his idols, he collects airsoft weapons and tags houses, as demonstrated in " The Garden Party " and " Riley Wuz Here ". In fact, as far as we know, no rapper in the history of rap music has ever kissed another man or fondled another man's goodies.

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Funniest Movies, Episodes, and Specials.

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Riley Freeman

In some episodes, Riley and Huey would have a single storyline and in others, the two would each have their own in a single episode. Perhaps due to idolizing the gangsta rap lifestyle he seems to have a level of street smarts possibly as great as his brother, often able to manipulate situations through lying and reverse psychologywhich he refers to as getting into someone's "mental mind". He also mocks Sarah's cooking by comparing her peach cobbler to vomit with peas in it. Riley seems to have a fair amount of criminal aptitude, as is demonstrated when he helped coordinate the kidnapping of Oprah Winfreyand further demonstrated by his criticisms of Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy for their lack of criminal know-how " Let's Nab Oprah ". These events start to disturb Riley greatly, and ever since then, Riley finds Lamilton to be so disturbing and sick in nature and refuses to hang out with him again, and Lamilton would often try to kill Riley in return, resulting the two kids to have a brawl in the school rooftop.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After irresponsibly having Riley perform several reckless and dangerous stunts. When their granddad is not around, Huey usually will not hesitate to set Riley straight himself. Riley has, in spite of himself, shown a great degree of intelligence from time to time. In the Season 3 finale however, Riley offers Huey a hug near the end without insulting him but admiring Huey when they saw him on the television instead. Audible Download Audio Books.

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