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The robe fell open and there it stayed. I did have one of my regulars on Sunday that I workout with sometimes call me, so did go actually over to his place, we went for a long run, told him all about the night before, then went back to his place and he skull fucked me saying he wanted to be sure I ate atleast one load before I left. I chided back, "really? It's the little things, really. There is something to be said for convenience. He was owning it.

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Rob stood up and semi-spontaneously it happened.

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With him, I just wanted to the load. These pictures are just hot and reminded me of myself, so thought I'd share. This is a story about situations that I have been increasingly fantasizing about more and more. Hell yes I said!!! A small price to pay.

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The title of Ben's email was "Beavers Fuck a Duck". This breezeway was a sauna. I mean, they were, until they found out they had to pay for parking at the hotel. He didn't smell dirty thank goodness for that and chubbed up to about 6 inches with an average girth. As it would turn out he was a bottom. I wore my white Adidas hardshells, AF torn jeans, no underwear, a long sleeve t-shirt, jacket and red hat. I felt his shaft rub up against my hole as he spread my cheeks.

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