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I noticed the mohican guy that I had my eyes on was in the corner with about half a dozen guys around him. I stood up and tucked his cock back into the pouch of his jockstrap. This time, his tongue parted my lips and slipped into my mouth sending a shiver down my spine and more pre-cum out. The gym hunks were on parade always looking for someone to match their own perfection - it's a shame the bar doesn't have more mirrors - it's the only way some of those guys are ever going to be satisfied. Next to him I looked like a kid.

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I'd make you watch me shit and then have you clean my hole for me afterwards.

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Hot and Raunchy Down Under : Part 1

I found out that he's 35, a senior partner in a law firm, is the captain of the local rugby team which explains his build where they had no issues with his preference for "cock than pussy" as he put it. His body started to move forward until he braced himself against the urinal. No guy had called me "boy" before and here was the second from Doug. He passed me up a condom and some lube and I fished out my cock which was rock hard again and ready for more action. I came in an unexpectedly powerful blast of masculinity.

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The shaft was long and thick as a beer can, with thick veins running along his 10 - 11 honest inches of Australian prime. His cock exploded cum again and I avidly sucked it through his jock pouch and swallowed it down. Us lesser mortals, however, were keen to get on with the action. I drove along the coastal road to the house with Doug following me. He grabbed hold of the edge of a urinal for support and started to really push his ass back onto my fingers. His body started to move forward until he braced himself against the urinal. Without saying a word, Doug held his growing tube toward my face and with the other hand guided my head closer his cock.

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