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Renewal of Passion Past connection brings languishing novelist new passion. As usual, he proceeded to remove his shirt, but when he was about to unbuckle I stopped him and said "Why don't you let me take care of that? They add a new story about once a month and you can go back and read all the stories they have posted in the archive. A mug of tea was waiting for me when I came downstairs again. Now, it wasn't even 9 AM and already some old biddy was knocking at his door. I could feel his pace quicken as his cock pushed harder and faster in my ass. Then he slowly pulled out and it was not so painful as he was going soft.

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John had never been with man, but always wondered what it would be like, and 10 years after his wife died he found out The next morning I again awoke to the sounds of birds and leaves in the wind. The man's cock was not a great deal longer or thicker than it had been, but as it rose before my eyes like a car being jacked up it continued to grow. The temptation to go right down on him and give him a good, hearty suck was too great, so what's a guy to do? From time to time he drops hints that I'm going to have to prepare myself for life without him one day, but I'd rather cross that bridge when I get to it and enjoy the time we are given together while it lasts. It couldn't hurt anything to share his good fortune with someone and let him see the effect his pill had had. Kala and I got out of the car.

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I finally arrived home 3 hours later than usual, and explained that I had stayed on to earn a bonus, well i wasn,t lying. He was practically begging me to look at him, and if I had turned my head or simply said I had to leave, that would have been the end of it, but I couldn't. It had a queen sized 12 inch thick memory foam mattress and in two years, I bedded over 20 different men on it. Then rubbing some more soap on my asshole and on his cock, he raised my legs over his shoulders, and slipped himself into my ass. He was maybe years old.

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