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Biomedical Ethics, Misc in Applied Ethics. Want to Be Good at Philosophy? Instead the values unique to marriage are substantive and value-laden, subject to reasonable disagreement. A union of male and female has a different structure from a homosexual union. Unmarried people include those who are single, those who are partnered but do not wish to marry, those who are non-monogamous, those who are divorced, those who are widowed.

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Cosmopolitanism in Social and Political Philosophy.

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At the same time, long-term romantic relationships are challenging, and they benefit from public commitment, legal protection, and social support — the very things that marriage provides. I consider whether polygamous marriage advocates can profitably draw on arguments for multiple citizenship, and how multiple-citizenship advocates should responsibly respond to the analogy with polygamy. I am grateful to them for sharing their thoughts and doing so on such short notice. Each of these is different and will be of different intensities. It is hard to deny that this is step towards justice. They are good not only for those in them, but also for those around them, because happy, stable partners make happy, stable neighbours, co-workers, family members and so on. HallahanS.

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As such the book reads like a whodunit in its tenacious unfolding and deconstruction of the various pros and cons articulated, not only in feminist theories and queer theories, but also in legal theories and human rights discourses and their concomitant ideological and normalizing i. A Defense — and the basic idea is as follows. With these constraints, assumption 3 can be accepted, but it is a human right that is limited to those human beings who form heterologous unions - which is to say, are unions between male and female. It also requires an implicit deflation of all other forms of human bonding that might supply these same things and as Scalia notes, if freedom of intimacy is what you want, there are better options. It is not clear how this softer version gets off the ground, however. At one point in time, one might have claimed that marriage is an institution designed by God and its transcendent value thus consists in its sacredness Kennedy also mentions the sacredness of marriage.

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