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Just so you can put them down after busting a nut to their videos. Get off your high horse you hater. The process of coming out as a gay to parents is an emotional journey on its own, but the task of coming out as a gay man and a gay porn star is an entirely different monster. No it just means she came across the results naturally as opposed to looking directly for gay porn or advertisements for her kid in gay porn. Personally, and as a gay man, I think she is attractive.

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Just so you can put them down after busting a nut to their videos.

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Xzamilio Mark: Despite the myth that someone "can tell" by the appearance of the anal sphincter whether a young, healthy male has had anal sex, it is simply not true unless you're looking at it a few minutes after sex. Then again so many porn stars are dope fiends I shouldn't be that surprised. JJ24 Masc Pride:

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Nobody wants to read about the fat kid coming out that is boring.

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