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Aitken cites a precept about sex which Zen Buddhists inherit from earlier classical Buddhists teachings. Any efforts to force churches to open their facilities for same-sex weddings or otherwise infringe on the ability of pastors or churches to act according to their faith should be promptly communicated to us so we can be sure these issues receive the proper attention, and assistance from our allied legal organizations can be made available. July, What Would Buddha Do? To bolster their legal position and protect themselves in this regard, churches can establish additional and specific facilities usage policies that will legally allow them to deny uses that are inconsistent with their faith.

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Some Sikhs believe that Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the complete guide to life, and if a marriage between two of the same sexes is not mentioned, it is therefore not right.

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Religion has been a source of both solace and suffering for many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer LGBTQ Americans. It is one of the sixteen precepts accepted by all Zen Buddhist monks, nuns and seriously committed lay people. Pew Research Center May 24, Buddhism is often characterized as distrustful of sensual enjoyment and sexuality in general.

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Now the obvious historical question then becomes this:

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