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Being gay is YOU -- and nothing in this world is more important than that. Jeremy is the founder and president of Preemptive Love, an organization serving the refugee, the oppressed and the most vulnerable. Perhaps God will work through you to restore the love of Jesus that has been so maligned to a group of people who need God -- as we all do. Episode Calling Versus Narcissism: And it meant different things when I did.

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Yet the Church has approached this process in different ways throughout history. One of the most powerful virtues in our society, is also one of our least known virtues: He reveals some of the questions we need to ask ourselves, and the results we can expect when we respond to God? David Coleman How do we navigate ideological diversity? Episode Post-Truth Trends: Episode Getting Along, Despite Differences:

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Episode Kingdom Virtues: I recommend this site! The majority eat only one meal together as a family during regular work week due to conflicting schedules, and many are waking up to the harm our bodies experience from fast, manufactured food. As with other big events in life, get comfortable with not knowing, and patiently let God reveal answers in His timing. Noel Yeatts What are the rights all women should possess and live out? No matter where or what it is, we know that God calls us to be faithful in those places. Episode Understanding Our Cultural Moment:

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