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In true North-east fashion, I complain loudly and expletively before a very kind lady points out: It's gonna be a tough one, I guess it was the one that was musically or instrumentally the least worked. Much more drinking followed by a voyage onto the roof, enticed by Little Chris who hurt the roof and should, I feel, really have had the decency to kiss it better. Are the drunken, English ex-pats all naked in the bar and swapping partners like a meat market again. The door is definitely locked - everyone's tried it. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Anyway, sneaker pimps, or maybe I am X, are so talented.

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Craig, his wife Hayley and Gaynor Liam's fiancee and soon to be wife - October Cynical today, more than ever, don't know why - hangover leftover maybe. And then an outside door burst open and his dumbass alsatians come bounding in, followed by an apologetic Tony.

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I've made a vow - to kill politics in America, to round up every politician, every red-neck, every member of the KKK, and, to be honest, everyone motivated by greed whatever form it takes and massacre them at Wounded Knee.

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